Is Voice Over Work A Good Side Job?

Voiceover can be a very rewarding field that can offer a creative outlet and some extra cash too! Many people have asked if voice-over is something that needs your undivided attention or if it can be a side job. My answer would be yes to both scenarios. If a full-time voice-over career is what you seek, then you absolutely need to be able to devote your time and attention to pursuing your goals. If, however, voice-over is an interest that you’d like to pursue in addition to another more traditional career or caring for your family, that is definitely possible too! 

Voiceover is a job that can be done as much or as little as needed or according to what suits your current lifestyle. For instance, if you have a traditional 9 to 5 job but have a passion for acting, voice-over might be a great option to both scratch your creative itch and supplement your income. But let’s break down some of the basics so that newcomers to voice-over know what they are getting themselves into before they dive in head-first. 

How To Set Yourself Up For Success

No matter how you slice it, voice-over work is an investment. In today’s world, having a professional-level home studio is crucial, especially for those who want or need the flexibility of working from home. If you have another job, it can be hugely beneficial to work from a high-quality home recording booth. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to spend the time and money needed to properly outfit your home for broadcast-quality recording. 

Additionally, no matter your level of experience, it can be immensely beneficial to continue to develop your skills by taking classes, connecting with a coach, and updating demo reels and website content. Think of it this way…if you plan to focus on voice-over part-time, you want it to be as fruitful as possible, right? So if you take the time and invest in the resources that will set you up for success, it will yield better results in the bigger picture. Keep in mind that these are undertakings that can be time-consuming, but with all of that said, once you have some of these steps in place, you can devote as much or as little time to your voice-over career as you’d like.

It’s All About Balance

Since voice-over is now almost entirely remote, many full-time and part-time voice actors have gotten very creative with their home spaces. Stand-alone portable booths and closet recording studios have become the norm, allowing folks to pop in and out of the booth as their schedules allow. It’s helpful to keep in mind that your equipment is as big a factor in casting as your voice and talent, so you want your sound quality to be as advanced as possible. What many have discovered is that they are able to focus on auditioning for VO work in their free time, allowing them to balance their creative endeavors with other jobs, caring for their children, and managing their households. 

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