Medium Interview with Gina Scarpa: Self-Care Routines for Successful Entrepreneurs

Gina Scarpa was recently interviewed by the platform, Medium, an online publishing site with engaging content on multiple special interest topics. Gina spoke with Medium about the importance of self-care routines for successful entrepreneurs. As a professional female voiceover artist and business owner, Gina had the opportunity to discuss how her priorities have changed over time and the ways she chooses to look after her physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

Having started in live theater, Gina explained her path to the voiceover booth. She told Medium, “Even though I always liked performing, I always struggled with anxiety in front of an audience or crowd. I’m actually a lot more introverted than people may realize.” The discovery that she was more comfortable working independently brought Gina to a professional career in radio, reality television journalism, and ultimately, voiceover. 

Gina’s voiceover career has taken off so much that she has found herself focusing not only on her own wellness, but also the wellness of her students, coaching clients, and colleagues. In the interview with Medium, she highlighted the many coaching resources she offers to fellow voice actors and young people: “I run many free workshops throughout the year to be a resource to as many voice actors as I can about a number of business related topics as well as mental health and self-care topics.”

Professional voice over artist Gina Scarpa at her desk at Positive Voices Studio

On the topic of self-care, Gina shared the 3 Mindset Mantras that have helped her prioritize her health in a fast-paced career. They include the following: “All I can do is my best and be myself, and the right opportunities will come my way. Patience and perseverance are the keys to long-term success. You are never too old or successful to stop learning or receive feedback.”

Gina suffers from an auto-immune liver disease called Primary Biliary Cholangitis, or PBC, which she was diagnosed with in May of 2021. The disease is progressive and has no cure, which means that self-care practices are extremely important to the maintenance of good health and vitality, especially during long work days. Gina told Medium, “The biggest lesson I’ve learned on my self-care journey is: You don’t have to do EVERYTHING. And without your health, you’re no good to anyone so you have to prioritize taking care of yourself.”

Additionally, she discussed her emphasis on positivity in her work, “I try to bring a positive, supportive attitude to my wonderful voiceover community to help them feel like they’ve always got someone on their side cheering for them.” Gina’s voiceover business, Positive Voices Studio, is a great indicator on how important positive thinking is to her work and career. 

To view the Medium article in its entirety, click here. To learn more about Gina, click here. 

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