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When it comes to media production, there is, perhaps, nothing more versatile than the world of video games. Each game is remarkably unique, telling its own story with visuals and sound. Ensuring that players connect with game content on a deep level is of the highest importance. When choosing a professional voice actor to bring video game characters to life, look no further than Gina Scarpa, a professional female video game voice talent.

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Why Hire Gina?

An avid gamer herself, Gina is directly connected to the vast world of gamers on a daily basis. She not only understands game skills and strategies, she also understands the importance of story and character development within a game. Her interest in big-name video game companies as well as indie and startup teams have given her an extremely high level of understanding of various video game styles and tones. In addition to her many years in radio and voiceover, Gina is also an experienced stage actress, making her voice incredibly versatile. This allows her to voice multiple game characters and even execute celebrity voice matching with ease.

Gina can currently be heard as Sara Kaasen in The Walking Dead: Last Mile, and also provided voices for Gord, Eye Of The Temple, and many other games. Her state-of-the-art professional level home recording studio allows her to produce high quality files with an extremely fast turnaround. Her high level of respect for the artistry that accompanies video game creation makes her a perfect candidate for your next video game production. Studios will find her flexible and fun to work with, and her nuanced acting choices will take your video game to the next level. Players and game enthusiasts will immediately connect with her varied vocal stylings. Contact Gina today for a live audition or to request additional video game samples.

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