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When it comes to media production, there is, perhaps, nothing more versatile than the world of video games. Animated characters are not only found on film and television but also in video games. Each game is remarkably unique, telling its own story with visuals and sound. A player's ability to connect with game content on a deep level is of the highest importance. When choosing a professional voice actor for your next project, consider Gina Scarpa, a professional female video game voice actor and 2023 One Voice Awards winner for Best Video Game Performance.

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Benefits of Hiring Gina for Your Video Game

Gina Scarpa is an avid gamer who grew up in an era when video game dialogue was simply text on a screen. She has lived through the dramatic evolution of video game characters and storylines and is passionate about bringing these stories to life. As a player herself, she understands character dynamics, player investment, and so much more. Her devotion to the genre is evident in her work in the booth, and she is eager to continue voicing video game characters after many significant contributions to the industry in recent years.

Gina has become known for her ability to voice multiple characters within the same story. Her versatility and creativity offer endless options to clients and game makers. Gina also grew up as a stage actress, so she is very comfortable leaning into unique characters. She works from a broadcast-quality home studio and has a reputation for extremely fast turnaround time. Her professional skills in this genre make her an excellent candidate for all types of video games, including those that appeal to children and adults in many areas of interest.

Voice Versatility for Multiple Genres

Gina is a confident and flexible actor with both great ideas of her own and an ability to deliver a specific vision with precision and ease. She can voice characters of all ages and personalities and enjoys playing heroes, villains, and everything in between. She is adept at a multitude of game genres including action, adventure, racing, FPS (first-person shooter), RPG, MOBA, card games, mystery, horror, historical, sci-fi, and more.

An Actual Gamer for your Games

An avid gamer herself, Gina is directly connected to the vast world of gamers on a daily basis. She understands the skills and strategies of playing games. She knows the importance of storytelling and character development within a game.

Gina has an interest in both big-name video game companies and indie and startup teams. This gives her an extremely high level of understanding of the game industry and its many styles and tones. If anyone can bring a video game character to life, it's Gina!

In addition to her many years in radio and voiceover, Gina is also an experienced stage actress. Her theatrical experience makes her voice incredibly versatile. This allows her to voice multiple game characters and even execute celebrity voice matching with ease. Voice acting for video games is one of Gina's favorite areas of voiceover.

Emotional Depth and Complexity

As an experienced theatrical and voice actor, Gina is able to provide deeply emotional and complex performances. She is known for both her sharp wit and sense of humor as well as her ability to voice dark and troubled characters. Her acting approach is multi-layered and nuanced, and she is always comfortable making adjustments to suit the needs of creative teams. Gina knows what it is like to form connections with characters from a player’s standpoint. Her ability to turn the tables and become the character or point of connection is equally strong.

Professional Quality for an Advanced Experience

Gina's love of video games goes back decades. She has always gravitated toward games with a story or narrative. In the original version of The Legend of Zelda, players would read scenes between characters in order to play the game. Modern gaming has taken these scenes and brought them to life with voice actors.

Some games require voice actors to perform detailed dialogue, much like you would see in a film or animated television show. Others use vocalized sounds to bring the story to life. And still others incorporate a combination of both.

In the current world of gaming, players feel very connected to characters. They follow their storylines just as they do in their favorite books and shows. This connection can only happen if the voice acting is effective.

Gina’s experience on the stage allows her to make bold choices. She has spent a lot of time developing her skills as they relate to gaming. Her voice is flexible and versatile, and she enjoys voicing multiple characters within the same story.

Professionalism and Experience in The Gaming Industry

Gina’s passion for video games and voiceover started at a young age. Her childhood interests in radio and gaming translated well into her broadcasting career as an adult. Her portrayal of Sara Kaasen in The Walking Dead: Last Mile secured her a win at the 2023 One Voice Awards for Best Video Game Performance. Players found her character relatable and engaging. Gina developed a deep inner life for Sara as she does with all her video game characters.

Nuanced Character Interactions

Gina’s versatility in the booth allows her to bring many different character types to life with great skill. One of her many gifts as an actor is interpreting text and adding nuance and depth. From cute and quirky characters in children’s programming to intense and serious adult characters in high-stakes stories, Gina has much to offer as a voice actor. Additionally, she is comfortable with fight sounds and reactions and always offers a variety of takes.

Professional Voiceover Quality

Gina’s broadcast-quality at home studio features both Sennheiser 416 and Neumann TLM103 microphones for clean and professional audio capture. Additionally, her use of an Apollo Twin X audio interface and Adobe Audition allows her to deliver pristine tracks that are essentially audience-ready. She is a masterful editor and is supremely comfortable with technology in general. She is happy to adapt to your tech needs and is eager to bring her skills to new video games in the year ahead.

Creating Iconic Game Characters

The connection that players make with video game characters is largely based on how memorable and unique the characters’ voices are. Gina’s creative and bold approach behind the mic has helped her to create iconic and relatable characters for video games and character projects alike. Her sense of humor and emotional range allow these characters to transcend the screen and become a real part of a player’s day.

Why Gina?

Gina is a professional female video game voiceover artist whose happy clients include The Walking Dead: Last Mile and Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons among many others. A passionate gamer herself, she delivers broadcast-quality files and is a consummate professional. She is fun to work with and enjoys trying multiple takes to suit the needs of creative teams.

Gina is also an experienced singer with excellent intonation and strong harmonizing abilities. She is an enthusiastic and ideal candidate for gaming projects that include music. Her authentic and confident style will infuse emotion and interest into video game copy and bring stories to life in new and exciting ways.

What You Need Female Video Game Voice Actors For

The female voice is extremely flexible, allowing female video game artists to voice children, adults, villains, heroes, royalty, military personnel, fighters, monsters, and more. In an area still largely occupied by men, distinct female character voices will encourage more girls and women to play video games and join gaming communities. The female voice can play a wide range of ages and types and provide a deep emotional connection to a script. Here are some additional benefits of working with a female voiceover artist like Gina Scarpa:

Voicing Strong Female Protagonists

Female voice actors bring an engaging complexity to strong female protagonists, providing authority, strength, and vulnerability to their stories. These characters become as relatable as those in favorite films and television series.

Voicing Memorable Female Antagonists

Antagonists and villains are just as important to video game storylines as the heroes. Skilled villain performances add complexity to each sequence, creating compelling plots and believable conflicts.

Voicing Children’s Characters

One of the most important benefits of working with female voice actors is their ability to modulate their pitch to create youthful sounds. This allows female voiceover artists to voice children, baby animals, and other magical creatures in a fun and engaging way. Gina’s many years in arts education have made her extremely relatable to children in youth programming. She can voice both male and female child characters as well as the friends and creatures who inhabit their stories!

Creating Dynamic Female Dialogue

Gina’s skillful approach to interpreting text allows her to provide layered and realistic dialogues between characters. She is comfortable exploring a wide range of emotions which she applies to comedy, drama, and everything in between.

Building Connections Through Female Players

As a female voice actor who is also an enthusiastic gamer, Gina builds deep connections through her well-developed characters. She is keenly aware of how this impacts the players, and she always aims to make the gaming world one that is open and welcoming to female players.

Adding Personalized and Friendly Touches to The Character Roster

Video game character rosters should feel personal and relatable. Particularly in games that allow players to choose the character they will inhabit, an appealing female voice is key. Gina’s confident and imaginative acting style allows her to create characters that players want to learn more about through active gameplay.

Work With Gina Today

Gina has voiced The Walking Dead: Last Mile, Genshin Impact, Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons, Survival Nation, The Tenants, Gord, Eye Of The Temple, and many other games. Her professional-level home recording studio allows her to produce high-quality files with an extremely fast turnaround. She has a high level of respect for the artistry of video game creation. This makes her a perfect candidate for your next video game production.

Studios and casting directors find Gina flexible and fun to work with in recording sessions. They also appreciate her knowledge of various game genres and styles. It makes their job easier when they have a voice actor who knows their objective and their audience.

Gina's nuanced acting choices will take your video game to the next level. Players and game enthusiasts will immediately connect with Gina’s varied vocal stylings. Contact Gina today for a live audition or to request additional video game samples.

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