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When it comes to media production, there is, perhaps, nothing more versatile than the world of video games. Animated characters are not only found on film and television, but also in video games. Each game is remarkably unique, telling its own story with visuals and sound. A player's ability to connect with game content on a deep level is of the highest importance. When choosing a professional voice actor for your next project, consider Gina Scarpa, a professional female video game voice actor and 2023 One Voice Awards winner for Best Video Game Performance.

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Why Hire Gina?

An Actual Gamer for your Games

An avid gamer herself, Gina is directly connected to the vast world of gamers on a daily basis. She understands the skills and strategies of playing games. She knows the importance of storytelling and character development within a game.

Gina has an interest in both big-name video game companies and indie and startup teams. This gives her an extremely high level of understanding of the game industry and its many styles and tones. If anyone can bring a video game character to life, it's Gina!

In addition to her many years in radio and voiceover, Gina is also an experienced stage actress. Her theatrical experience makes her voice incredibly versatile. This allows her to voice multiple game characters and even execute celebrity voice matching with ease. Voice acting for video games is one of Gina's favorite areas of voiceover.

Professional Quality for an Advanced Experience

Gina's love of video games goes back decades. She has always gravitated toward games with a story or narrative. In the original version of The Legend of Zelda, players would read scenes between characters in order to play the game. Modern gaming has taken these scenes and brought them to life with voice actors.

Some games require voice actors to perform detailed dialogue, much like you would see in a film or animated television show. Others use vocalized sounds to bring the story to life. And still others incorporate a combination of both.

In the current world of gaming, players feel very connected to characters. They follow their storylines just as they do in their favorite books and shows. This connection can only happen if the voice acting is effective.

Gina’s experience on the stage allows her to make bold choices. She has spent a lot of time developing her skills as they relate to gaming. Her voice is flexible and versatile, and she is able to voice multiple characters within the same story.

Work with Gina Today

Gina has voiced The Walking Dead: Last Mile, Genshin Impact, Survival Nation, The Tenants, Gord, Eye Of The Temple, and many other games. Her professional level home recording studio allows her to produce high quality files with extremely fast turnaround. She has a high level of respect for the artistry of video game creation. This makes her a perfect candidate for your next video game production.

Studios and casting directors find Gina flexible and fun to work with in recording sessions. They also appreciate her knowledge of various game genres and styles. It makes their job easier when they have a voice actor who knows their objective and their audience.

Gina's nuanced acting choices will take your video game to the next level. Players and game enthusiasts will immediately connect with Gina’s varied vocal stylings. Contact Gina today for a live audition or to request additional video game samples.

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