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Most major brands and companies utilize some sort of messaging and recording system for customer service calls. Surely we can all think of a time where we heard a very effective customer service recording, just as we can think of times that automated systems and messages were very ineffective as well. It may feel tempting for business owners and CEOs to just record Telephone and IVR voice over content themselves or have an accessible employee do it, but this is a common mistake that many companies make. It is very important to hire a professionally trained and experienced voice over artist for this type of work.

Why Hire Gina?

Telephone/IVR - An Efficient Approachable Sound

Business owners and CEOs may be tempted to just record Telephone and IVR content themselves or have an employee do it. This is a common mistake that many companies make. It is very important to hire a professionally trained and experienced voice over artist for this type of work. Effective IVR can help companies to manage incoming calls and maximize the customer experience.

What A Great Voice Can Do For You

Gina Scarpa is a seasoned female voice actor with practical and applied knowledge in the area of Telephone and IVR recordings. Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, should sound professional, reassuring, approachable, and in control.

Gina's Telephone and IVR skills help your customers to gain information before connecting with call center agents. Her skills allow her to provide menu options and call routing with ease. When customers hear pre-recorded messages, they are sometimes impatient while waiting to speak to a live agent. Gina's warm and friendly tone will maximize your customer satisfaction.

Not All Greetings Are Created Equal

Greetings, pre-recorded messages, and caller menus should not be generic. Rather, they should match the brand of your company or the nature of your business. Are you seeking a warm, nurturing sound or do you prefer a voice that is no-nonsense and all business? Gina Scarpa can adapt to any and all tones to match your brand’s objectives.

When hiring a voice over artist for your next telephone or IVR project, there is much to consider. How do you want your callers to feel when they hear the voice on the other end of an inbound call? Making your callers feel welcome and valued is largely dependent on their customer service experiences when calling your company’s number. An effective pre-recorded voice can help you manage high call volume as well as customer questions and concerns.

In many cases, telephone messages and menus need to be regularly updated. Updates may reflect new programming, business hours, special events, and more. Gina Scarpa is known for her extremely rapid turnaround rate and professional broadcast-quality home studio. When you work with Gina, you can rest assured that projects will come back to you quickly and efficiently.

Providing Solutions To Each Caller

Always remember that callers are seeking solutions and information. It is important that your pre-recorded voice does not frustrate them or make them feel confused. Gina Scarpa’s warmth and professionalism will give callers clarity and provide a positive customer service experience. Your company's phone number should lead callers directly to information they can actually use.

In addition to automated menus, Telephone and IVR also can also cover other tools. These include voicemail recordings, message on hold systems, marketing campaigns, and frequently asked questions. This type of recording is used in many settings, including contact centers.

Each of these important tools is most effective when executed by a talented voice artist rather than by artificial intelligence. Callers want to feel heard and taken care of so they can find solutions to their problems. When companies take this into consideration, they greatly enhance the customer experience.

Companies should always keep in mind that callers are generally frustrated and just want things to be easy! An efficient, concise, and friendly Telephone and IVR menu can make your customers feel that you care. Even when callers are not able to speak to a live representative, your prerecorded messaging should be clear, direct, and helpful.

Personal Information and IVR

Sometimes Telephone automation requires customers to share or inquire about sensitive information. This can include everything from their personal health or contact information to their bank account balance. Callers want to hear a professional and efficient voice to guide them through each step.

An effective pre-recorded telephone voice can serve as a powerful liaison between customers and live service representatives and agents. Gina Scarpa's calm and friendly tone will make each customer feel valued and properly informed, minimizing frustration and maximizing overall satisfaction.

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