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In addition to her impressive body of work as a professional voiceover artist with many voiceover styles, one of Gina Scarpa’s greatest offerings is her extensive teaching experience. One of the things Gina loves most about the voiceover community is coaching other rising and professional voice actors as well as kids and teens who aspire to join the VO community. As an award-winning director and coach with 25 years of experience helping others find their confidence and develop their business savvy, Gina always looks forward to connecting with new students and clients through a variety of interactive and engaging voiceover workshops.

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Voiceover Classes and Workshops

Gina is currently offering group workshops and programs for members of the voiceover community including working professionals, aspiring voice actors, and those looking to take their careers to the next level. In addition to coaching voiceover artists (and voice actors to be) in acting and copy interpretation, Gina also teaches many business skills including direct marketing and search engine optimization, to name a few.

Some of her popular voiceover workshop topics include:

  • Getting Started in Voiceover
  • SEO For Voiceover
  • Breaking Down The P2Ps
  • Nailing The Conversational Read
  • Generational Marketing (How To Talk To Your Audience)
  • Taking Your Voiceover Career Full-Time
  • Getting Through A Voiceover Slump
  • Quoting For Voiceover
  • Resilience In & Out Of The Booth
  • Harnessing The Power Of No

High School and College Voiceover Workshops

And if all of the above hasn’t kept her busy enough, Gina also teaches at the high school and college level. She has introduced some of her young students to the world of voiceover for the first time and has helped others with a previous interest to find pathways to success. Sharing her personal experiences, struggles, and success stories with the next generation of voiceover actors is what makes Gina so relatable as a group coach. Her daily mission is to open doorways for the voices of tomorrow!

Some of Gina's popular high school and college voiceover workshops include:

  • Voiceover as a Career
  • Script Reading & Analysis
  • The Importance of Perseverance and a Positive Mindset

Specialized Corporate Workshops

A coaching avenue that has been deeply enriching for people outside the world of voice acting has been Gina’s work with professionals in the corporate setting. With a focus on sharpening public speaking skills and learning how to be effective on the phone and in conferences, Gina’s corporate coaching has offered useful tools to those who otherwise may not have found their confidence in the workplace. Gina’s detailed professional development courses have taken office personnel to the next level by developing their in-person, recorded, and virtual vocal presences.

Some of Gina's popular corporate workshop topics include:

  • How To Effectively Use Your Voice in Trainings & Presentations
  • Building A Thriving Business During a Pandemic
  • ... and custom topics to fit your business's unique needs

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