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Reality television and documentaries continue to grow in popularity over time. The genres have taken on many different formats including home improvement, lifestyle, food and cooking, true crime, nature, animal, and travel shows! Part of what makes these shows engaging is in-show narration, the voiceover clips and talking points that are inserted between scenes and segments. Gina Scarpa is a professional female TV narration voice over artist eager to connect with networks and programming departments.

Why Hire Gina?

A strong in-show narrator can draw your audience in and keep them interested in the action of the program. Gina’s friendly and energetic tone is great for educational and competition programming, while her sassy and edgy side is perfect for true crime and documentaries. For viewers, the narrator of a television show is equivalent to a host. Audiences get to “know” the narrator by listening to and becoming familiar with their voice over the course of one episode or even many seasons. Gina works from a broadcast-quality home studio and has lightning-fast turnaround time. Her happy clients enjoy her creativity and her wide variety of takes and options in the booth.

A Fresh Sound From an Experienced Narrator

Gina is no stranger to reality and nonfiction television programs. She spent many years of her career as an entertainment reporter with a focus in reality television. She served as editor-in-chief for RealityWanted and That's Your Reality, and she even hosted a popular podcast and interviewed well-known reality TV personalities regularly. Having most recently voiced Tastemade’s Home Tour Makeover, Gina brings a fresh take to in-show television copy. From home improvement and lifestyle to fashion and food, Gina has truly covered it all!

In-Show TV Narration Voiceover for All Occasions

In addition to the show types mentioned above, in-show narration voiceover also includes documentary television. Shows about travel, nature, weather, and animals also fall into this category. Gina’s many years as an eLearning voiceover artist are a logical transition to in-show narration for documentary films and television shows. Her knowledgeable but approachable sound makes her a great candidate for this type of entertainment. Listeners find her trustworthy, warm, funny, and intelligent.

Competitions and Game Shows

One of Gina’s favorite types of in-show narration is competition and game show narration. After having worked as a reality television reporter for such a significant part of her career, she has a great love of survival, fashion, cooking, and game-based competitions. She has a vast knowledge of these styles and looks forward to continuing to work in each genre.

Gina is the master of the conversational read, and her clients are continually pleased with her ability to provide real, grounded, relatable takes in the booth. With extensive experience in radio, commercial, explainer, and reality television voiceover, Gina Scarpa is a perfect candidate for your next in-show narration project. For a custom audition or quote, reach out today!

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