Perhaps one of the greatest storytelling formats of our time is the medium of animation. Cartoons, feature films, and even commercials utilize animation to bring characters to life in more styles than the human mind can even process. What’s more, animation is for everyone. From early childhood learning to irreverent and edgy cartoons for mature audiences, the possibilities are truly endless. With all that in mind, hiring a professional animation voice actor for your next project is a crucial piece of the animation puzzle. An animated voice should be versatile, nuanced, and character specific.

Why Hire Gina?

A Lifetime of Acting Experience

Gina Scarpa is a female voice actor with quite literally a lifetime of acting experience. Having come from a musical theater family, Gina is an actor who can adjust to various styles for all ages. Whether your next project is for toddlers, teens, or adults, Gina brings a unique take on countless character types. She can also voice characters of varying ages as well.

Our favorite cartoon voice actors or video game voices make us feel closer to the characters they voice. The same is true for animated films with excellent voice acting. When clients are searching for that perfect voice, it's all about the ability to connect with an audience. Finding success in new animation projects means finding successful animation voice talents to bring them to life.

Quality Voice Work from An Actor and Singer

Equally skilled at voicing, babies, kids, teens, adults, and even animals, Gina brings something truly memorable to the table. It should also be noted that she is also an accomplished singer and harmonizer with expert music skills. From theme songs to story songs, Gina brings great musicianship and skill into the studio with her.

Gina is also skilled in both dubbing and ADR. The animation industry uses both formats frequently. Working with a professional voice actor with experience in each area can certainly move the process along! When Gina browses job postings for animation, she loves to offer her services in both dubbing and ADR.

When You Want Your Cartoons Animated AND Your Voices Animated

Additionally, Gina’s voice is extremely flexible, allowing her to voice multiple characters within the same story. She has many creative skills to suit an endless list of voice over jobs. Consider her a one-stop-shop for your animation needs.

Her attention to detail and her improv. skills add that extra special touch to further energize each character she voices. Gina knows how to reach different audiences and age groups. Her voice over work is creative and bold, and she enjoys making new connections.

Gina is ready to jump into all roles, from villains to heroes and sidekicks to pets. Consider working with Gina Scarpa, a female voice actor to bring your next animation project to life.

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