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Podcast Guest Availability for High-Interest Topics

Gina Scarpa is an accomplished professional voiceover artist and coach. She is currently available to appear as a guest on podcasts and can speak on a number of engaging topics. With a wide array of interests, Gina is a great podcast guest for a variety of programs.

Gina has spent decades in radio broadcasting and voice acting. She is proud to have voiced national TV and radio commercials. Additionally, Gina has voiced video games and corporate content for some of the biggest brands in the country. 

Some of Gina’s happy clients include VistaPrint, Burger King, Xfinity, L’Oreal, and Invesco. Gina also has a passion for both voicing and playing video games. She is a competitive gamer and is accomplished in Valorant, League of Legends, and other competitive games.

Before taking her VO career full-time, Gina spent many years as an on-air radio DJ. She has also worked as a reality television journalist. As a potential podcast guest, she is able to speak on many topics that may grow your audience. With humor and warmth, she would be a good fit for your list of interested guests.

Gina is also an award-winning teacher and director. She was named the 2019 ACE Educator of the Year by the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County in CT. She is also the founder, owner, and Creative Director of Positive Voices Studio. This program provides coaching and educational programming for children, teens, and rising adult voice actors.

Outstanding Sound Quality for Interviews

Finding podcast guests can be a challenge because podcasters want to speak to people with appropriate microphones and equipment. It is much easier for listeners to pay attention when the sound quality is high. Gina works from a broadcast-level home studio. Her high-quality setup will sound clean and professional when she appears as a guest for podcast interviews.

Podcast listeners can connect with Gina across social media platforms to follow her career. Gina looks forward to being booked as a guest.

Podcast hosts will enjoy Gina's ability to discuss the following topics: 

  • A career in voiceover
  • Changing careers later in life
  • Getting through a slump in your career or personal life
  • The power of positive thinking
  • Working in a family business
  • Self-care tips for entrepreneurs
  • Living with an autoimmune disease (liver disease: Primary Biliary Cholangitis)
  • Building a successful career when coping with anxiety
  • Women in competitive video gaming
  • Pursuing a career as a single mom
  • Creating a broadcast-quality sound booth at home
  • Direct marketing and SEO in the voiceover industry
  • The benefits of arts education for children and teenagers
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