There are many genres of voice over that advertise products and services, but one genre in particular stands apart from the rest. Promo voice over is a specific type of advertisement that is intended to point an audience toward a network, show, broadcast, or movie. In this specific lane of voiceover, actors are called on to promote a variety of programs. From special news broadcasts and sporting events to the newest episode of a popular TV show, promos cover a range of topics.

You might hear a professional promo voiceover artist in a movie trailer, television ad, radio promo, or preview of a news report. Promo work aims to get the public to tune in and provides them with the necessary information to access important content. With so many different types of voice promotions, the possibilities are truly endless.

The Benefits of a Working With a Female Promo Voiceover Artist

Female promo voice over artists are extremely versatile and have the flexibility to adjust to the needs and interests of various demographics. Listeners find female voices trustworthy, compelling, and persuasive. Gina enjoys voicing all different types of projects for listeners of all ages.

Capturing Your Unique Brand Personality

In the world of promo voiceover, it is important to capture a network or station's unique brand and personality. Gina’s professional work in radio has given her excellent timing and editing skills. She also has an awareness of pacing that makes her promo work stand out.

The Connection between Commercial and Promo Voiceover

With extensive experience in commercial voice over, a majority of Gina's work is adjacent to the promo world. Her professional voice work has connected her with countless brands over the years. As a full-time female voice over actor, she has produced work for a long list of impressive clients in the advertising world.

Professionalism and Reliability

In her broadcast-quality home studio, Gina is able to work independently or with Source Connect. An experienced editor, she produces professional level content for your brand, network, or station. She responds well to feedback and works equally well as an individual or a collaborator. With fast turnaround time and great communication, Gina is a professional and reliable candidate for your next project.

Why Gina?

Gina is both assertive and charismatic as a voiceover artist and a human being. Her messages are compelling and confident, and when listeners hear her, they feel as if they know her. She connects well with listeners from all generations, from Gen-Z first-time voters to senior citizens who are veterans in the voting booth. Her belief in Democratic values makes her an authentic and enthusiastic addition to liberal teams working toward a forward-thinking tomorrow.

Gina’s naturally engaging qualities will promote interest in and enthusiasm for causes, issues, and elections. Her many years of experience in arts education have given her a commanding yet welcoming presence behind the mic. Her genuine belief in positive change is evident in her ability to create and collaborate.

Effective Marketing for Promo Voiceover

When it all comes down to it, effective promo work is really about marketing. Different networks and stations are always competing for viewers and listeners. As a result, the world of promo voice over is constantly changing and fast moving. With a degree in Marketing from Post University, Gina has an innate sense of the marketing needs of each promo voiceover script. Here are some of the content types that will benefit from a voiceover artist like Gina:

Home Improvement and Cooking

When it comes to home improvement and cooking shows, Gina brings a bright and energetic sound to each voiceover. As the voice of Tastmade’s Extreme Home Tour Makeover, Gina brings a genuine enthusiasm to her home improvement and food and beverage content.

Reality TV and Competition Shows

A longtime lover of reality television, Gina is an experienced professional in the genre. Having grown up on a healthy diet of shows like the Real World and Survivor, Gina turned her love of reality TV into a career. As the former Editor-in-Chief of That’s Your Reality and Reality Wanted, Gina hosted a successful podcast about reality television and regularly interviewed its stars and personalities.

Major News Broadcasts and Political Events

One of the most important applications of promo voiceover is to advertise major news broadcasts and political content. In a turbulent and ever-changing political climate, news promo voiceovers are more important than ever. To keep the public up to date on current events, consider working with Gina on your next broadcast.

Sitcom and Drama Promos

Television fans tend to develop deep connections with their favorite sitcoms and dramas. As new seasons and episodes are released, promo voiceovers can keep audiences informed about when and how to watch. Gina’s broad knowledge of different television shows and their personalities allows her to create style appropriate voiceovers for sitcom and drama promos.

Film Trailers and Teasers

The likely most familiar promo type is the film trailer. We can all think of the different voices that made us want to see our favorite movies. Film trailers should be compelling, exciting, suspenseful, and engaging, urging audiences to stream, download, or go to the theater to see a movie. Gina’s love of cinema makes her a great candidate for film trailers and teasers.

True Crime

On the darker side of promo voiceovers is the true crime genre. From documentaries to investigative reporting, the voices of true crime should be serious, professional, intelligent, and mature. Gina’s assertive and earnest sound are a great match for this type of content.

Children’s Programming

As a longtime arts teacher and coach, Gina has worked with children of all ages for decades. She is known in the voiceover industry as the go-to children’s coach, and she has always had a natural rapport with kids. She is deeply familiar with early learning content as well as programming for tweens and teens. Her bubbly and warm sound will keep kids engaged and get parents interested in tuning in to family friendly content.

Start Engaging - Professional Female Promo Voiceover

Gina is an expert at reaching various demographics and capturing the voice of a brand’s personality with ease. Her confident and assertive vocal stylings will reach a wide range of viewers and listeners. Her versatile approach allows her to connect with audiences of all ages.

Clients describe Gina as flexible, prepared, and proactive in the booth. She is always eager to provide a variety of reads and multiple interpretations when called on to do so. If you are interested in connecting with Gina, reach out for a quote or custom audition today!

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