There are many genres of voice over that advertise products and services, but one genre in particular stands apart. Promo voice over is a specific type of advertisement that is intended to point an audience toward a network, show, broadcast, or movie. In this specific lane of voice over, actors are called on to promote a variety of programs. From special news broadcasts to sporting events to the newest episode of a popular TV show, promos cover a range of topics. Gina Scarpa is a professional female voice talent for promo work.

Why Hire Gina?

Female Promo Voice Over from Gina Scarpa

You might hear a professional promo voice over artist in a movie trailer, television ad, radio promo, or preview of a news report. Promo work aims to get the public to tune in and provides them with the necessary information to access important content. With so many different types of voice promotions, the possibilities are truly endless.

Gina has the confidence and punch needed to create brief promotions that are meant to grab an audience's attention. She is able to draw listeners toward content that will air in the near future. With a long history in radio broadcasting, Gina is no stranger to creating short promotions that hold a lot of impact.

A Focus on Brand Personality

In the world of promo voiceover, it is also important to capture a network or station's unique brand and personality. Gina’s professional work in radio has given her excellent timing and editing skills. She also has an awareness of pacing that makes her promo work stand out.

In her broadcast-quality home studio, Gina is able to work independently or with Source Connect. She is able to produce professional level content for your brand, network, or station.

With extensive experience in commercial voice over, a majority of Gina's work is adjacent to the promo world. Her professional voice work has connected her with countless brands over the years. As a full-time female voice over actor, she has produced work for a long list of impressive clients in the advertising world.

A Marketing Expert for your Promo Needs

When it all comes down to it, effective promo work is really about marketing. Different networks and stations are always competing for viewers and listeners. As a result, the world of promo voice over is constantly changing and fast moving.

Gina holds a degree in Marketing from Post University. She is an expert in reaching various demographics and capturing the voice of a brand personality with ease. Gina's confident and assertive vocal stylings will reach a wide range of viewers and listeners. Her versatile approach allows her to reach audiences of all ages.

Clients describe Gina as flexible, prepared, and proactive in the booth. She is always eager to provide a variety of reads and multiple interpretations when called on to do so. If you are interested in connecting with Gina, reach out for a quote or custom audition today!

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