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Although a major increase in eLearning resources may be the product of the COVID-19 pandemic and a home based approach to working and learning, people across the nation and around the world have become more amenable to online learning in general. Professionals, students, and parents have discovered that having access to learning resources at home is more convenient and efficient than ever. As you think about who will narrate your next eLearning project or video, consider Gina Scarpa, a female voice artist and long-time teacher with a natural command of various eLearning styles.

Why Hire Gina?

But what, exactly, is eLearning? eLearning videos and courses are digital versions of classes, tutorials, and how-tos. They are meant to instruct and inform and are available on various platforms. Major brands have begun to include how-to videos on their websites and social media platforms, and educational institutions have expanded their use of online learning to reach a wider audience. It is imperative that the narrator’s voice demonstrates professionalism and expertise in order to guide the listener to a more detailed understanding of a given topic.

It may feel like brands and companies need to find a narrator who is an expert in a given field to narrate an eLearning project, but what is more effective is utilizing a professional voice actor who knows how to reach students, employees, and consumers with confidence and authority. Gina Scarpa’s 25 years of teaching experience make her a perfect candidate for the eLearning format. Her command of language, attention to detail, understanding of various audiences and demographics, and approachability will make your next eLearning project accessible and engaging for each and every listener.

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