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We all know that children and adolescents are very tech savvy these days. Even toddlers know how to operate digital devices. While some disapprove of screen time for children, others realize that there is much to be gained from children’s eLearning. But what, exactly, is eLearning? For kids, eLearning tools can include programs in math concepts, language arts, foreign languages, educational games, and much more! Children may be interested in language learning, numbers, art, or science. Regardless of their interests or educational needs, kids learn important life skills and concepts by using eLearning tools. They need a voice that can keep them highly engaged while learning and that voice belongs to Gina Scarpa.

Why Hire Gina?

Education through Digital Tools: eLearning for Kids

eLearning tools can be used both in school and at home. Children and teens engage with digital learning tools at school on a daily basis. Additionally, parents and teachers have introduced children to eLearning programs they can use at home to boost their skills in countless areas.

You may be wondering how this relates to voice acting. Nearly all eLearning programs have a narrator, an engaging voice to guide children through activities, games, and resources. The voices that narrate eLearning programs can help children learn and grow just like teachers and coaches!

The Importance of Digital Learning

Since we live in an advanced digital era, entire worlds are revealed to children through online learning. From early childhood development to adolescent learning tools, the voice of eLearning for kids is so important. Having an engaging, warm, and inviting voice to support everyday kids can be immensely powerful.

Gina Scarpa is a female voiceover artist who is particularly skilled at reaching various age groups, audiences, and demographics. She has 25 years of teaching experience with children of all ages. Her ability to engage babies, toddlers, tweens, and teens alike is memorable and noteworthy. She genuinely enjoys working on e-learning for kids.

Not all education programs are created equal. While some children attend excellent schools, others lack important resources. In either case, eLearning is an important support tool that can bolster a youngster’s learning in a multitude of ways. Gina understands the value of finding a fun sweet spot where play and learning meet in the middle.

A Trustworthy Voice to Engage Children and Teens

Ultimately, kids want to hear a voice that they trust, someone who is upbeat, fun, welcoming and inclusive. Gina’s many years as a teacher have given her the ability to challenge, inform, and brighten a child’s day. As a teacher, Gina has worked with children of nearly all ages, from kindergarteners through high school seniors.

This invaluable experience has made her very aware of the needs of learners of all ages. When she narrates e-learning for kids, she is able to adjust to their level of engagement. Her voice is flexible, and she caters her sound to the project at hand. She is able to play a parent, teacher, or friend, and she is equally skilled at sounding like a kid herself!

Most importantly, Gina loves children and values their unique imaginations and ideas. Creating age-appropriate developmental tools and learning supports for children of all ages is one of her favorite things about voiceover. Consider working with
Gina Scarpa, an experienced teacher and children's eLearning voiceover artist, for your next educational project.

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