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Gina Scarpa is an accomplished professional voiceover artist and coach. She is currently available to appear as both a guest and host on podcasts as well as a streaming audio personality. She can speak confidently and enthusiastically on a number of engaging topics. With a wide array of interests, Gina is an ideal podcast and streaming audio voiceover artist for a variety of programs. Her conversational tone and natural charm have made audiences connect with her for decades.

Benefits of Hiring Gina for Streaming Audio and Podcast Voiceovers

Gina has over 20 years of experience in voiceover and radio broadcasting. A huge portion of her professional work has been devoted to podcasts and streaming audio. She is proud to have voiced a large number of national TV and radio commercials as well as countless streaming audio projects for a variety of brands.

An Experienced Professional Voiceover Artist

Gina’s experience in these genres is vast. She has voiced projects with iHeart radio for major brands including IKEA, Colgate, M&Ms, Boost Mobile, FedEx, Hulu, and Victoria’s Secret. She can also be heard on Spotify in memorable ads for Nissan, TurboTax, Lego, L’Oreal, Zoom, Sephora, and Sparkling Ice.

Additionally she has hosted noteworthy podcasts including That’s Your Reality, Spill the ImmuniTEA and DSP Talk, funded by the New York State Department of Workforce Transformation, as well an internal podcast with Nike, among others.. With advanced interview skills and a natural warmth and sense of humor, Gina is an engaging voice for both streaming audio and podcast projects.

Genuine Enthusiasm for the Genre

Gina’s first love in broadcasting has always been radio and streaming. With strong roots as a host and DJ, Gina’s devotion to this format is genuine and unshakable. Her ability to connect with guests and audiences make her a versatile and enthusiastic candidate for streaming and podcast projects of all kinds.

Connection with Listeners

Gina has been described as a host and voiceover artist with a winning personality and an endlessly positive attitude. She connects with listeners of all ages, from those tuning into children’s programming to young adults and seniors.

Versatility as a Streaming Personality

Streaming audio advertising continues to grow over time. As listeners continue to move away from traditional listening practices and towards more streaming platforms, audio ads are increasing each day. This includes the very familiar Spotify commercials, Pandora commercials, iHeart commercials, Apple commercials, and many more streaming…commercials! But there is much more to streaming audio and podcast voiceovers than just commercials. Read on to learn more about Gina’s services.

Advanced Interview Skills

As a former professional entertainment reporter Gina was the Editor-In-Chief at RealityWanted and That's Your Reality, where she created and hosted a popular podcast about reality television. She regularly interviewed major television personalities from shows like Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, Survivor, Project Runway, Big Brother, Top Chef, and Real Housewives, to name a few. This paired with her many years as a stage actor, director, and coach has made her an advanced and creative interviewer with a strong ability to create engaging conversations.

Relatability and Authenticity

Gina is known for her conversational and authentic tone. Her love of the podcast and streaming forms shines in each of her audio appearances. Her relatability is evident in her many commercial spots as well as her regular interviews of major names in the voiceover industry and beyond.

Professionalism and Quality

Gina is a highly professional and well respected voiceover artist with outstanding sound quality, fast turnaround time, and great communication. She is fun to work with and committed to the absolute highest quality of work possible.

Streaming Audio

The popularity of digital audio advertising and streaming audio ads has increased the need for fun, interesting, and energetic voices. Gina’s unique and relatable tone makes her a great match for streaming content in all areas of interest.


As a podcast host and a voice for podcast commercials, Gina brings a fresh take on script copy and is also able to create new content for interviews and conversations. Additionally, she is able to voice podcast intros and outros as well as inserts including podcast sponsorships and information tags.


As a host, Gina is a commanding but approachable presence who knows how to drive conversations forward and keep them interesting for listeners. Her questions and conversation topics are relevant and nuanced, and her natural leadership comes through in each project she voices.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are customized, data driven voiceovers which may include details like the day of the week, the weather, what time it is, allergy and illness numbers, locations, and more. With each ad, these details will change. Gina is available to record these spots live to offer your audio team an endless number of consistent and specific ads for various locations. Gina has a great deal of experience with dynamic ads, voicing projects with Uber and CVS, among others.

Why Hire Gina?

Gina is an experienced and poised professional female voiceover artist for streaming audio and podcast hosting and advertising. Her many years in the genre along with her in-the-moment deliveries make her a rare and unique candidate for this type of work. She looks forward to connecting with new clients. For more information, reach out today for an audio sample, custom audition, or quote!

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