Buying a car can be a rite of passage, a way to level up, or a sign that priorities are changing. The most important aspect of automotive ads and commercials is finding the right voice for the job. As the needs of consumers change and evolve throughout their lives, it is crucial that automotive ads are able to reach them and meet their needs. Where once the “car salesman” sounded like an announcer or carnival barker, today the average consumer wants to hear a voice that is more relatable, trustworthy, and direct. Gina Scarpa is the ideal female voiceover artist for your automotive needs.

Why Hire Gina?

The Right Vehicle for Every Age

Gina is a professional voice over talent with tremendous versatility. Her young, cool, and current sound will reach a millennial audience. Her warm, honest, and professional commercial voice will reach the seasoned consumer ready for a change.

Whether your target audience is comprised of adventurers, luxury seekers, or responsible parents, Gina Scarpa’s ability to adjust to the needs of your audience is unmatched. Her approachable, conversational tone allows her to connect with all consumers, reassuring them that your brand is the right fit!

A Versatile Voice for your Brand

As the world of car advertising evolves, it is important that every consumer is reached. When it comes to automotive voiceover, reliability is of the highest importance. Gina is eager to demonstrate her versatility and her firm grasp of various brand styles.

From explorers to luxury cars to family-friendly vehicles, Gina’s ability to capture the many styles of the auto industry will surely reach your target audience. Gina’s extensive commercial experience will impress new clients. Make sure your next automotive advertisement is a hit. Reach out for a quote or a custom audition today!

Have a Question?

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