As a professional female voice over artist with an extensive background in radio and podcasting, Gina Scarpa has voiced hundreds of commercials throughout her career. Whether your ad is running on television, the radio, or online, Gina has the conversational commercial sound that resonates with viewers and listeners. Her ability to bring a human quality to brands keeps her consistently working in the commercial voice over genre. From Xfinity to Burger King to Google…and from Snapple to L’Oreal to Cinnabon, Gina’s impressive list of happy clients continues to grow.

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Benefits of Hiring Gina for Your Commercial Voiceover

Gina Scarpa is a veteran voiceover artist who has lent her talents to a vast number of commercial brands. She is a master of the conversational read and has a great ability to adapt to various styles. Her friendly and relatable tone brings out the best in each product and helps her connect with a wide audience. Consider working with Gina Scarpa, a confident and energetic professional female commercial voiceover artist today.

Gina has enjoyed a successful two decades in broadcasting and is proud to be in a career that allows her to sharpen her skills and lend her voice to a wide variety of commercial campaigns. Gina’s professionalism and creativity in the booth add a unique touch to each project. She is dedicated to serving her clients and providing them with the highest quality deliveries possible. She brings her own ideas to the table while also remaining flexible and open to direction. See below for the many benefits of working with Gina!

Conversational and Relatable Tone

Gina is a dynamic and relatable voiceover artist with a friendly and approachable sound. She has often been told by clients and listeners that she sounds like someone they know or someone they’d love to hang out with. Her love of the genre comes through in each and every take, and she is always excited to meet with new clients and work with new brands.

Commercial Voiceovers By Gina: Personality For Your Brand

With expertise in both acting and marketing, Gina brings a unique and authentic sound to her work in commercials. She approaches buzzwords, slogans, and tags with ease, always maintaining a relatable quality.

Gina is also an experienced singer with a great ear and strong harmonizing abilities. She loves commercials that incorporate music and is always happy to both sing and act in commercials.

Humanizing Brand Identity

Gina’s commercial strategy is to always imagine that she is telling a friend or family member about a great product or service that she genuinely cares about. Her true enthusiasm for the genre allows her to engage audiences and get them excited to check out new products and services.

A Versatile Voice For Your Product Or Service

Helping brands and companies reach their target audience also means adapting to various styles. Gina is able to seamlessly transition from bold and bubbly to sharp and witty to warm and reassuring. Her professional voice is both trustworthy and persuasive, ensuring that your brand’s nuanced style is captured at all times.

Gina focuses on delivering commercial copy as if it is part of a real conversation between friends, family members, or colleagues. Her high quality vocal stylings feel like a snapshot of a larger dialogue. Each commercial has its own story and its own circumstances.

Gina’s comfortable and genuine quality draws each listener and viewer into the experience of your product. It’s no wonder her catchphrase, “Meet your new best friend,” applies so perfectly to her work on the commercial scene.

Clear and Articulate Messaging

Gina’s adaptability to various styles makes her a versatile candidate for countless brand personalities. Additionally, her clear and articulate approach allows her to reach consumers of all ages. Gina is equally skilled at voicing commercials for children, teens, adults, and seniors. She creates memorable commercials that match her genuine enthusiasm and love of people.

An Expert In Television And Radio

One thing that makes Gina Scarpa a unique option for commercial work is her extensive background in television and radio. Before becoming a full-time professional voice over artist, Gina spent many years working in both television reporting and radio. Her extensive experience in these fields has given her an expert skill level when it comes to reaching the public.

Talent and engagement are very important aspects of a successful commercial. But there is so much more that goes into creating an ad that consumers gravitate toward and relate to. Radio and television ads can often be different from one another. This means that they also require different skills.

Because Gina is well-versed in both forms of media, she is able to quickly produce varying styles in her performances. This relates directly to her great mind for the business of voiceover. Her expertise in marketing and media also makes her a great collaborator both in and out of the booth.

Broadening Market Appeal

The commercial voiceover industry is extremely broad and covers an endless number of products, brands, and styles. Gina is a flexible voice actor with the ability to reach listeners of all ages. Her many years in education help her reach kids and teens with ease. Her relatable millennial sound allows her to connect with young adults and her own generation, and her warm and trustworthy sound makes her a welcoming presence for seniors and their families.

Engaging Consumers One Commercial at a Time

As our world continues to change, brands need to adjust to the needs of consumers. If you really listen, you’ll notice that commercial styles are a reflection of the world in which we live.

The voice actors who bring these ads to life also need to be a reflection of the real world. Their ability to capture the experiences of listeners is of the highest importance. The political, social, and health climates of our world directly affect the way that brands advertise to the public.

Gina Scarpa is very aware of how the ever-changing state of our world affects the way that consumers hear ads. It is more important than ever to create the type of commercial content that allows consumers to feel connected and included. Gina’s vast knowledge of brands and evolving advertising styles allows her to capture the imaginations of consumers of all ages.

Gina is able to bring various products and services to life in TV commercials and digital ads. If you’re looking to have a commercial voiced by a professional female voice over talent, contact Gina today. She is eager to discuss your brand's needs and provide you with a custom quote or audition!

Enhancing Brand Personality

Whether she’s playing an employee, a customer, or a character, Gina infuses each script with her naturally magnetic personality. She is interested in each brand’s personality, and she always prioritizes amplifying that personality for the public. Her uninhibited reads on the mic will ensure your company’s mission and essence are captured and brought to life!

Trust and Credibility

Credibility is a hugely important aspect of commercial advertising. Commercial teams should always aim to paint an accurate but engaging picture of their products and services. A strong female voiceover artist can make all of this possible and more. Gina’s trustworthy deliveries bring credibility to your brand in each and every commercial spot.

Why Gina?

Gina has over two decades of experience in radio and voiceover. Her impressive resume includes a seemingly endless number of video games, radio programs, podcasts, television commercials, and online ads. Her professional equipment and precise editing skills make her a desirable candidate for new work.

Gina thrives in the commercial voiceover genre. She is proud to have voiced a number of brands, and she hopes to reconnect with her past clients and also create new work with clients she has yet to meet! Working with Gina is guaranteed to bring new life to your brand, product, or service, and you’ll gain a friendly new collaborator in the process.

Why Female Commercial Voiceovers are Effective

The female voice is extremely flexible and able to vary pitch, tone, and intention with ease. Gina Scarpa is a confident female voiceover artist with a powerful and engaging sound. Her voice has many sides, and she easily adapts to fun, bubbly, friendly, commanding, sassy, sarcastic, and even dark voiceover scripts. As an experienced stage and voiceover actress, Gina enjoys both creating characters and playing everyday consumers. Her extensive experience in commercial voiceover makes her ready to tackle the following categories and more!

Brand Commercials

Gina is genuinely interested in retail, automotive, food, home, and healthcare brands, as well as many other types of content. She is very social media savvy and enjoys learning about brand identities and how they evolve over time. This allows her to capture the personality of each brand she works with. She has a strong knowledge of various brands, products, and services, and she looks forward to making new client connections in the year ahead.

Healthcare and Wellness Ads

Healthcare and wellness ads help consumers and patients understand medications, health insurance, first aid supplies, and more. Gina has a great deal of experience with medical copy in the commercial, medical narration, and eLearning voiceover categories. She is very comfortable with complicated medical terminology, and her knowledgeable and compassionate approach puts listeners at ease and gives them the confidence to look after their health and wellness.

Product Launches

The marketing of new products requires special attention and unique customer communication. A female commercial voiceover artist like Gina Scarpa can bring authentic enthusiasm for new products and promote them with the energy needed to engage customers.

Technology and Innovation Ads

Gina is a lover of technology, appliances, and gadgets, so working on tech and innovation content is always fun for her. She has a natural ability for using software, smartphones, tablets, and other tech. She is a self-proclaimed tech nerd, which makes her a perfect candidate for tech commercials and innovation ads.

Travel and Tourism Promotions

When it comes to vacation and tourism projects, Gina’s outgoing and adventurous personality adds nuance to travel promos. Whether your company works with amusement parks, beach destinations, athletic excursions, or animal encounters, Gina brings a natural zest for life to travel commercials.

Automotive Ads

Whether your customer is seeking a family friendly vehicle, a luxury car, or an adventure jeep that can tackle rough terrain, Gina brings a cool and down-to-earth tone to all automotive commercial copy. Gina will undoubtedly show your customer that your vehicles are reliable, desirable, and ready for anything!

Fashion and Beauty Campaigns

From clothing to hair care to makeup, Gina has created many distinct and engaging voiceovers in the fashion and beauty category of commercials. Her memorable work with L’Oreal Paris is just one example of her successful relationships with fashion and beauty companies.

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