In an often turbulent and fast-paced political climate, the need for informed, persuasive, assertive political voice actors is essential. Political advertisements address a host of objectives including encouraging voter registration, commenting on political debates, shifting perspectives, sparking important conversations, and informing the public of the backgrounds of political candidates. Gina Scarpa is the compelling and persuasive female voice actor for your next political advertisement.

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Why Hire Gina?

With a direct, sincere, and trustworthy sound, Gina acts as a liaison between voters and candidates. Her professional and intelligent approach allows her to reach out to concerned citizens and provide them with the information they need to make important voting decisions. Additionally, her relatable and authentic tone gets apathetic listeners to become more interested in political matters. Perhaps most importantly, Gina has a natural ability for connecting with listeners of all ages. Her many years as a director, teacher, and coach have allowed her to effortlessly connect with adults and young people alike, making it much more likely that first-time voters will connect with her.

Gina’s compelling voice work can enhance your political advertisements by truly getting to the heart of the matter and telling potential voters what they need to know. Since political news moves at a rapid rate and often requires immediate action, it is important to note that Gina is known for her extremely fast turnaround time. Her ability to return political advertisement copy in a timely manner will allow spots to go public as soon as possible, so that listeners can receive important messages and take action immediately.

As you construct a political campaign or advertise important election issues, consider connecting with Gina Scarpa, a compelling and relatable voice for today’s political climate. Her ability to highlight important issues in a professional and direct manner will ensure that your messages are heard loud and clear by the public at large.

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