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Commercials, cartoons, video games, television shows, and learning tools are often enhanced when music is added. Projects come to life with the inclusion of theme songs, sing-alongs, character songs, and more! What could be better than discovering a professional voiceover artist who also sings? Gina Scarpa is a female voice actor and singer with a versatile sound. She grew up in a working musical theater family. This was a unique upbringing which sharpened Gina's musical skills from a young age. She has, quite literally, a lifetime of experience as a live singer, theater performer, and music director.

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Why Hire Gina?

A Lifetime of Singing Experience

As a child, Gina never hesitated to sing for family members and friends at gatherings and events. She immediately showed an ability to harmonize well and has always enjoyed singing in various styles. As she grew into adulthood, she took on leadership roles in music many times. She has music directed many major productions and has decades of experience teaching vocal performance.

She is known for her intricate harmonies and ability to sing multiple voice parts. Just check out her singing videos on TikTok to see for yourself (@voiceoversbygina). Gina’s musical abilities are so advanced that she is able to pick out and create her own harmonies by ear. She also sings solos with confidence and finesse.

Although there are many voice talents in the world, not all of them have musical abilities. Gina excels in many vocal styles in her voice work including musical theater, pop, rock, R&B, jazz, and more! Her natural voice is gutsy and bold, and she can also sing in character voices.

As a singer, she is able to voice both child and adult characters. She transforms her sound to match various styles and stories. She is creative and confident in the booth, allowing her to bring something special to each musical project she voices.

A One-Stop Shop for Projects with Music

In the case of animation, creators often need to hire two different actors, a speaking voice and a singing voice. Even major companies like the Walt Disney company used this practice for many years. In more recent years, animation studios have opted to use one actor whenever possible. It truly makes everyone’s life easier when the singing and speaking voices can be done by the same voiceover artist.

It should be noted that singing for voice work is not the same as singing on stage. As a singing voice over artist, Gina has perfected her ability to sing in the booth. She is able to adjust her sound to sing on the mic with precision and clarity.

A High Level of Excellence in Musical Performance

Gina is also a very skilled sound editor and will return clean, usable files very quickly. Her rapid turnaround time is one of the things clients like best about working with her. They also enjoy her friendly, upbeat, creative approach in the booth.

Gina is the ideal candidate for projects that include singing. Her musical voiceover work is memorable and skilled. If you are interested in working with Gina Scarpa, reach out today to discuss your next musical voiceover project!

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