Commercials, cartoons, and learning tools are often tremendously enhanced when music is added. Projects come to life with the inclusion of theme songs, sing-alongs, character songs, and more! What could be better than discovering a professional voiceover artist who also sings? Gina Scarpa is a female voice actor and singer with a versatile sound who has a lifetime of experience as a singer. Having grown up in a musical theater family, Gina has put in countless years as a singer, musical theater performer, and music director.

Singing Videos

Why Hire Gina?

She is known for her intricate harmonies and ability to sing multiple voice parts. Just check out her singing videos on social media to see for yourself (@ginascarpa). Gina’s musicality is so advanced that she is able to pick out and create her own harmonies by ear as well as sing solos with confidence and finesse. Gina excels in many vocal styles including musical theater, pop, rock, R&B, jazz, and more! Her natural voice is gutsy and bold, and she can also sing in character voices and transform her sound to match various styles and stories.

In some cases, especially when it comes to animation, creators and showrunners need to hire two different actors, one actor for the speaking voice of a character and another for the singing voice. It truly makes everyone’s life easier when both can be done by the same voiceover artist. Gina is the ideal candidate for projects that include singing. Reach out to Gina today to discuss your next musical voiceover project.

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