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Radio Imaging refers to the branded sound bites you hear between songs on your favorite radio stations. Gina Scarpa has had a passion for radio since her childhood. She is the ideal professional female voice talent for radio imaging work. Gina has nearly a decade of on-air experience at major radio stations in Connecticut and New York including KC101, WPLR, Radio 104, and K104. With so much experience in various styles, Gina knows how to capture your station’s brand with ease.

Benefits of Hiring Gina for Your Radio Imaging Voiceover

You would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate radio personality than Gina Scarpa. She has been devoted to this medium for as long as she can remember. Her experience is vast, and she has worked as an on-air personality for stations of all content types. She is committed to capturing your station’s unique personality and bringing it to life.

Engaging Deliveries from a Relatable Voice

One of Gina’s notable strengths as a radio imaging voiceover artist is her effortless engagement and relatability. She has a cool and laid back sound that listeners can identify with. She sounds like someone everyone wants to be friends with! From promos to sweepers and liners to jingles, Gina has the goods to make your station a standout success.

Passion and Experience

Since Gina was a child, she has loved radio. After Sunday dinners with her Italian family, she created detailed radio shows using a cassette tape recorder in her grandparents’ basement. With the help of her sister and cousins, she imagined and produced radio stations that included music, commercials, and even radio imaging spots!

Later, at only 19 years old, Gina marched into KC101, one of CT’s top radio stations. She brought a self-made demo and insisted on giving it to the station’s head DJ. He liked her spunk and recognized her talent right away. Not long after, Gina was on the airwaves at KC101 herself, launching her into a highly successful career in radio.

Emotional Resonance

To this day, Gina’s radio fans speak with great nostalgia about the years she was on the air. Gina is a natural when it comes to building rapport with a station’s listeners. With a cool and charismatic tone, Gina has connected with countless listeners over the years. Now that she has transitioned to a full-time voiceover career, she keeps her love of radio alive through her work in radio imaging.

Capturing the Personality of a Station

Radio imaging is a crucial piece of the radio broadcasting puzzle. This is the memorable clip that stays in the listeners’ ears long after they have turned the radio off. These quick clips need to capture the tone and quality of your brand and create loyal listeners who will keep coming back!

Adaptability to Different Genres

Gina’s experience in radio spans a vast number of genres and styles of music. From alternative rock to Top 40 hits (and everything in between), Gina understands that each station has a deep relationship with its listeners that must be accurately captured in radio imaging spots. Her adaptability to different genres is advanced, demonstrating her detailed knowledge of various station styles.

Consistency Across Broadcasts

One of Gina’s most desirable qualities in the radio imaging world is her consistency across broadcasts. In order for stations to maintain their vibrancy and individuality, consistency is key. Once Gina and your team have collaborated to establish a style, she will maintain consistency in capturing the appropriate tone and energy of each program.

Clarity and Articulation

Gina performs with an even pace and clear but laid back diction. She is able to make sure that every single word is heard and understood while still sounding like a real person. This builds rapport with listeners and maintains it for life.


Gina works from a broadcast-quality home studio outfitted with Sennheiser 416 and Neumann TLM103 microphones, an Apollo Twin X audio interface, the Adobe Creative Suite, and Source Connect for all directed sessions. She is an experienced audio editor and always sends back clean, ready-to-use files. She is known for her positive attitude and ability to collaborate well with creative teams.

Why an Experienced Female Radio Imaging Voiceover Artist Matters

Listeners undoubtedly have favorite stations that they listen to in the car, at work, and at home. What they relate to about a station is about much more than just the music. Each station has an identity and personality that their voice talents must capture. Gina’s years of experience make her a clear standout in this area of broadcasting.

Station IDs and Jingles

Having worked in radio for such a significant part of her career, Gina is no stranger to station IDs and jingles. A station ID needs to immediately capture the energy and personality of a station, the kind of music it plays, and its listeners’ interests. Gina is also a skilled singer with outstanding pitch and harmony abilities and can provide vocals for jingles or other musical elements.

Promotional Spots and Radio Commercials

Promotions and commercials are a huge part of radio broadcasting and can cover all different types of content. Gina is confident in providing these brief attention-getting spots in a way that aligns with your station’s identity.

Online Radio Streams

Internet radio, or online radio streaming, has many crossovers including podcasts and other types of content. Gina is a versatile and flexible voiceover artist who can host, DJ, or provide short audio for these types of programs.

Event Promotions

Radio stations often feature promotional content about local events, concerts, and festivals. Gina is able to provide dynamic voiceovers that engage listeners and encourage them to buy tickets to music programs and major events.

Sweepers and Liners

Sweepers and liners are short voices communicating about the station’s brand. A female’s energetic voice can make sweepers and liners catchy and memorable.

Show Introductions

For radio programs that operate on a regular schedule like morning shows, call-in programs, and more, show introductions are important to tag the content for listeners and prepare them for what they are about to hear. Gina always puts her unique stamp on all show intros.

Why Gina?

Many adult listeners have stayed faithful to the same radio stations since they were teens. For this reason, it is important to work with a voice talent who is experienced and well-versed in radio broadcasting. Radio imaging clips may include previews, news talk, branding spots, and more. Gina is the radio voice that your listeners can associate with the station as a whole.

Whether your station plays top 40 hits, country, pop, rock, or oldies, Gina’s voice will suit every listener. Gina's experience at radio stations with many types of music allows her to engage all kinds of listeners. Hire Gina today to be the voice of your station through her radio imaging voiceover services!

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