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When it comes to Radio Imaging, or the voice clips you hear between songs and spots on your favorite radio station, Gina Scarpa is the ideal professional female voiceover artist for the job. With nearly a decade of on-air experience at major radio stations like KC101, WPLR, Radio 104, and K104, Gina knows how to capture your radio station’s brand with precision and ease.

Why Hire Gina?

The Voice of Passion and Experience

Since Gina was a child, she has loved radio. After Sunday dinners with her Italian family, she created detailed radio shows using a cassette tape recorder in her grandparents’ basement. With the help of her sister and cousins, she created radio stations that included music, commercials, and even radio imaging spots!

Later, at only 19 years old, Gina marched into KC101, one of CT’s top radio stations. She brought a self-made demo and insisted on giving it to the station’s Program Director. He liked her spunk and recognized her talent right away. Not long after, Gina was on the airwaves herself, launching her into a highly successful career in radio.

To this day, her fans speak with great nostalgia about the years she was on the air. With a cool and charismatic tone, Gina has connected with countless listeners over the years.

Radio imaging is a crucial piece of the radio broadcasting puzzle. This is the memorable clip that stays in the listeners’ ears long after they have turned the radio off. These quick clips need to capture the tone and quality of your brand.

Capturing the Personality of a Station

Listeners undoubtedly have favorite stations that they listen to in the car, at work, and at home. What they relate to about a station is about much more than the music. Each station has an identity and personality that their voice talents must capture. Many adult listeners have stayed faithful to the same radio stations since they were teens.

For this reason, it is important to work with a voice talent who is experienced and well-versed in radio broadcasting. Radio imaging clips may include previews, news talk, branding spots, and more. Gina is the radio voice that your listeners can associate with the station as a whole.

Whether your station plays Top 40 hits, Country, Pop, Rock, or Oldies, Gina’s voice will suit every listener. Gina's experience at radio stations with many types of music allows her to engage all kinds of listeners. Hire Gina today to be the voice of your station through her radio imaging voiceover services!

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