How to Get a Voiceover Agent

How to get a voiceover agent in 2024

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is about seeking agent representation for voiceover work. To some it feels elusive or unattainable, but what many voiceover artists may not realize is that there are several different ways to meet, connect with, and begin working with a new agent. Here are some of my favorite tips! 


The first and most obvious way to seek representation is to submit yourself through the agency’s website. It is crucial that you carefully read the submission requirements including how to attach and name your resume file and whether they would like you to link or upload a demo. There may also be requirements like the exact subject line they would like to see and how they would like you to slate your name before an audition clip. Reading each of these requirements makes it more likely that you will be taken seriously on their end. Candidates who miss important details like the ones mentioned above are often not considered for representation. So although you may be eager to submit quickly, slow down and take the time to carefully read each and every requirement before sending a submission through an agency’s website. Doing everything exactly as they have asked shows that you will submit auditions to clients in a timely and efficient manner with great attention to detail, making you a more desirable candidate.


Another effective way to seek representation is to take workshops with agents who you would like to connect with. Some of my favorite workshop resources are Actors Connection in New York, Real Voice LA, and Halp Network in Texas, to name a few. Having a chance to read for agents and get feedback in real time will give you a sense of whether or not you are a good fit and if the agents are excited about your work. Voice actors are often so eager to connect with new agents that they often don’t take into consideration whether it is a good fit for them personally. Taking workshops will show you how the agent runs things and will help you determine if it resonates well with you as the actor. Remember, it needs to work for you just as much as it works for them.


If you are fortunate enough to have a contact who is already represented by an agent that you are interested in, a referral is a great way to possibly get on their roster. If someone you know or have worked with has an established relationship with a desirable agency, they may be able to refer you directly to their point of contact. A casting director, producer, or client can also refer you to an agency roster. Keep in mind, though, that the offer should come from the person referring you as opposed to you asking them for a referral. This will ensure that you are not putting them in an awkward position.


Finally, networking can be an alternative to the strategies previously mentioned. You may be able to network with agents and get to know them through social media or by going to voiceover events. These may include VOcation, VO Atlanta, The One Voice Conference, and SOVAS. By connecting with someone in person, you’ll be able to see if there’s a good rapport on a personal level, and you may be able to gauge the potential to work together professionally in the future.

My best advice is to keep in mind that there are many options for finding good representation. But remember, it has to work for you just as much as it works for them. A positive agent relationship should feel mutually beneficial to everyone involved, so search for someone who you feel is a good fit for you, and remember to have fun out there!

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