Gina Scarpa Named 2023 Reed Awards Finalist

This week, Gina Scarpa was honored to be named as a finalist in the 2023 Reed Awards. This recognition is in the category of Best Use of Voice-Over Talent in an Online Video. The Reed Awards and Conference is a major event recognizing political campaign professionals. The conference and awards ceremony will be held in Las Vegas from March 27 – March 28, 2023.

Gina’s featured project was a political ad for Democratic Senator, Mark Kelly, of Arizona who won a challenging race for reelection this past November, beating out his Republican revival, Blake Masters. Women’s reproductive rights have been one of the most highly debated topics of the year, and Mark Kelly’s commitment to protecting them contributed to his victory in Arizona. In the election, Mark Kelly received 55% of the female vote and 46% of the male vote. Given that he won by less than 5%, women were a major key to his re-election. According to a recent article in the Washington Post, Kelly may even emerge as a presidential candidate in the future. 

2023 REED Awards Finalist

The Mark Kelly reelection campaign video that Gina voiced was produced by VNCS/March On in 2022. On the topic of women’s rights and Kelly’s commitment to preserving them, Scarpa explained, “This was a meaningful campaign video for me to work on, and I was honored to lend my voice in support of women maintaining autonomy over their bodies. The Kelly campaign showed countless Arizona citizens that their votes truly matter, even in the most turbulent of times. For me, it has been continuously important for me to voice political campaigns that align with my personal beliefs.”

The Reed Awards and Conference offer campaign professionals access to educational opportunities, guest speakers, and networking events in addition to the awards ceremony itself. This is a high honor in the world of political campaign work and can help professionals take their work to the next level. Gina Scarpa is honored to be among the nominees in a program focused on making positive connections across the industry and growing future opportunities to work at a high level in all fields of political campaigning. 

Voiceover is a huge component to a successful political campaign and, as an accomplished female political voice actor, Gina is proud to continue lending her vocal talents to candidates like Mark Kelly. To view the political video from the Kelly campaign for which Gina is nominated, watch below or click here.

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