Explainer Videos

The consumer instinct to be told what to do and how to do it has increased tremendously over time. Rather than reading long, wordy instructions or explanations in text form, consumers now want to hear a trustworthy voice explain processes, instructions, and much more in simple and concise terms. For that reason, Explainer Videos have become increasingly more popular and widespread over time. Explainers are brief videos that tell consumers the ins and outs of your product, service, business, or company with an approachable, friendly tone.

Explainer Videos

Why Hire Gina?

The aim of Explainers is to educate an audience while keeping them engaged and entertained. These brief 1-3 minute content bites are often animated and present new ideas, provide how-tos, and supply content in a manner that is accessible to your target audience. Because accessibility is absolutely essential when it comes to Explainer Videos, the voice of the narrator should be warm, engaging, and full of personality. Gina Scarpa is a female voiceover talent with the goods to deliver your brand or product’s most important information to the public in the most digestible way possible.

It’s a natural expectation that an audience of consumers should be able to understand the content being presented, but it’s also crucial that they enjoy it too! That’s why Gina Scarpa is the perfect voice for your next Explainer. She delivers content in a direct and crisp tone, making listeners feel included and well taken care of. With genuine emotion, humor, care, and command, Gina will make your next Explainer Video effective, efficient, and educational.

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