As a professional female voice actor with an extensive background in radio and podcasting, Gina Scarpa has voiced hundreds of commercials throughout her career. Whether your ad is running on television, the radio, or online, Gina has the conversational commercial sound that resonates with viewers and listeners. Her ability to bring a human quality to brands keeps her consistently working in the commercial voiceover genre. From Xfinity to Burger King to Google, Gina’s impressive list of happy clients continues to grow.

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Why Hire Gina?

With expertise in both acting and marketing, Gina brings a unique and authentic sound to her work in commercials. She approaches buzzwords, slogans, and tags with familiarity and ease, always maintaining a relatable quality. Helping brands and companies reach their target audience also requires an adaptability to various styles. Gina seamlessly transitions from bold and bubbly to sharp and witty to warm and reassuring. Her voice is both trustworthy and persuasive, ensuring that your brand’s nuanced style is captured at all times.

With a focus on delivering commercial copy as if it is part of a real conversation between friends, family members, or colleagues, Gina’s vocal stylings feel like a snapshot of a larger dialogue. Each commercial has its own story and its own circumstances, and Gina’s comfortable and genuine quality draws each listener and viewer into the experience of your product. It’s no wonder her catchphrase, “Meet your new best friend,” applies so perfectly to her work on the commercial scene.

It is more important than ever to create commercial content that allows consumers to feel connected and included. Gina’s vast knowledge of brands and evolving advertising styles allows her to capture the imaginations of consumers of all ages. If you’re looking for a female commercial voiceover talent for your next project, contact Gina to discuss your needs and get a custom quote or audition!

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