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Gina Scarpa is a professional female casino and gambling voiceover artist with years of experience and a unique and compelling sound. Casino getaways are truly destination experiences for travelers and fun-seekers. With so much to explore, having a brand voice that makes people feel welcome, excited, and relaxed can make the experience that much more memorable. Gina’s energetic and conversational tone will ensure that guests keep coming back to your location, creating lasting memories with friends.

Casino and Gambling Entertainment Videos

Hiring Gina for Casino Commercials and Casino Advertisements

Gina is a seasoned voiceover artist with notable work in a variety of genres. Having voiced projects for Luckyland, FanDuel, Little River Casino Resort, the Hoosier Lottery, the New Hampshire Lottery, and Club Vegas Slots, Gina brings a broad range to her work in the booth. Additionally as both a former radio DJ and a professional voiceover artist, Gina has done major event coverage for popular casinos including Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods.

Gina has also worked closely alongside casino marketing and events teams. Her experience of working with casinos and commercial clients has helped her to humanize brands and make people feel both welcomed and informed.

An Experienced Professional Voiceover Artist

A trusted voice in the broadcasting industry, Gina is known for her professionalism, positivity, and versatility. Her long list of work translates well to the casino industry because of her conversational, enthusiastic, and exciting take on casino scripts. She works from a broadcast-quality home studio with crystal clear audio and lightning-fast turnaround time.

Natural Enthusiasm for Hospitality

Gina’s voice is a great match for the hospitality industry for countless reasons. Listeners find her relatable and real. Because travel and leisure are such a big part of people’s lives, continuing her work in the casino and gambling industry provides an opportunity for consumers to create lasting memories. With Gina as their guide, your guests and participants will value their leisure time and return again and again.

Persuasive Audio for Great Listener Experiences

In the world of casino and online gambling advertising, it is important to create persuasive audio for a great listener experience. Gina’s friendly and authentic tone creates a sense of trust. When she explains the benefits of a trip to the casino, listeners are willing to take her word for it, reflecting the travel industry’s ideology that everything a guest wants will be taken care of and that they will ensure a fun and memorable experience for all.

Casino Telephone and On Hold

Gina’s voice can be heard on many telephone IVR projects and on hold messages across a number of industries. She is the on hold voice for Park Royal Hotels and Resorts, with 10 properties in North and South America. With hotels being such a huge part of the casino industry, working with an experienced telephone and IVR voiceover artist can be extremely beneficial. Gina is very experienced in creating telephony and on hold messages for destinations, and she looks forward to working with new clients in the casino and gambling industry.

Lottery Commercials and Ads

Lottery voiceovers are often full of excitement and should encourage people to play, make them think about the possibilities that would come with winning, and persuade them to dream big and imagine a more luxurious life in the future. Having voiced projects for both the Hoosier Lottery and the New Hampshire Lottery, Gina is no stranger to the anticipation of possibly becoming a winner. Her natural enthusiasm and drive make her a great candidate for continuous work in the lottery genre.

Gambling and Online Sports Betting Commercials

Gambling and online sports betting commercials provide access to chance and gameplay right at your fingertips. It’s like being at the casino right from the comfort of your own home or even on the go. There are exciting social aspects to this type of media including connecting with others, meeting and playing with people online, and even winning cash and retail prizes. Gina’s work with brands like DraftKings and Luckyland (as the brand voice of Victoria Cash) demonstrate her excellence in the field.

Gambling PSAs

A crucial and necessary area of gambling and casino voiceovers is that of gambling PSAs. These projects are critical in the many ways they help individuals and families learn about gambling addiction prevention and treatment. Casinos and online gaming companies have a responsibility to protect their businesses and their customers by preventing gambling addiction. Gina is eager to lend her voice to such projects, highlighting the seriousness of potential problems and providing assistance and resources to those who need them.

The Voice Of Your Casino Experience

There are many ways in which fun seekers can enjoy voiceovers and narrations from skilled voiceover artists. Think of online slot machines, video poker, blackjack, and more! Unique and engaging voices are everywhere. Gina has voiced online slot machine games and looks forward to continuing to enhance players’ experiences with upcoming projects.

High Quality Audio and Advanced Professionalism

Casinos offer a truly world-class experience, and Gina offers world-class audio in each and every project she works on. Casinos and resorts have built their brands to be best-in-class destinations, so it’s only natural that they would want to work with the very best in each industry across their destinations. Gina Scarpa is, indeed, a best-in-class voiceover artist ready to support this high quality image in an extremely competitive industry.

Why Hire Gina?

Gina is at the top of her game in the voiceover world. Having voiced projects for notable brands across every genre imaginable including commercial, animation, video game, eLearning, medical narration, TV narration, promo, and many more. Her professional experiences in casino and gambling voiceover make her a seasoned and poised candidate for any and all gambling related projects and events. To learn more about working with Gina, reach out today for a custom audition or quote!

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