Setting Your Voiceover Goals

How do you set and achieve goals? Have you ever considered that the way in which you set your goals may have a very direct impact on the outcomes? When you ask yourself these questions, they can really apply to any goals, both personal and professional. In our case, we want to focus on the goals that we set as voiceover artists and how our intentions can change the course of our future successes in the industry, but I hope that this blog helps you think about the way in which you set goals in your life in general. Small shifts in thinking can carry big results when it comes to achieving a more sustainable future.

First things first: Why are goals so important?

The fact is, that setting goals keeps us focused and motivated. It can also help us to create positive routines and allow us to track our results. Setting clear and specific goals also helps us figure out and more specifically define the lives we hope to achieve. Additionally, goal-setting can help us avoid procrastinating and see the bigger picture in our daily lives. Who wouldn’t want to be in the driver’s seat of their own life? Goals are meant to increase, improve, develop, make, reduce, or save something. What if that something was the overall success and health of your voiceover career? If you are willing to put in the time and focus, goal-setting can be a powerful business tool.

Did you know that goals build habits?

You’re definitely not alone if you’ve ever taken a good look at your life and felt that a change was needed. I often hear people say that they want to spend less time on their phones and more time reading. Surely you’ve felt that creating a more focused and grounded life would be of benefit to you. These things take a commitment to yourself and your well-being…again, both personally and professionally. On average, it takes over 2 months to form a good habit and have it become automatic. More realistically, it can take as long as 8 months. It takes focus, dedication, and commitment! In my humble opinion, those 2 (or 8) months are well worth it if it means a better future with higher rates of success. 

So, how do we do it? Try to make those goals SMART.

Your goals should be as SMART as possible. Check it out:

Specific – Exactly what are you trying to accomplish?

Measurable – How are you going to track your goal and measure your progress?

Achievable – Is this a realistic goal that you can complete within a chosen timeframe?

Relevant/Realistic – Does this goal align with your overall business goals?

Timely – When do you want to achieve this goal?

Keep the Dos and Don’ts of goal-setting in mind!

Do go into it with the expectation of success.

To celebrate the wins along the way.

Do tell trusted people about your goals.

Don’t be vague when setting your goals.

Don’t set too many goals at once.

Don’t let setbacks bring you down.

So…how’s that for a pep talk on goal-setting? If you are realistic about your current abilities and specific about where you want to go, you will truly be setting yourself up for success. Talent isn’t enough. A great home setup isn’t even enough. You have to do all the things to move your voiceover career forward. Share your goals with the people who matter, and start working on a better and brighter future in the voiceover industry!

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