Corporate Narration

Corporate narration is an important tool for businesses, companies, and major corporations that provides information to employees in a reliable and professional manner. Hiring a professional voiceover talent is necessary to maintain consistency across messaging, systems, and trainings. Having a skilled and trained voiceover actor can also ensure that the quality and mission of your company are clear. Gina Scarpa is a professional female voice talent for corporate narration whose voice has been described as reliable, trustworthy, intelligent, and approachable.

Corporate Narration Videos

Why Hire Gina?

Corporate narration may include onboarding, training, safety procedures, harassment policies, internal messages, product launches, and information about insurance and employee programs. Although you may have considered utilizing the voice of an internal employee with some public speaking skills, this action tends to be problematic for businesses and corporations. To ensure that employees all understand and receive the same message, clear and direct communication from a reliable source is key. A professional voiceover artist like Gina Scarpa can provide expert delivery of information as well as high-quality sound files with fast turnaround.

When it comes to corporate narration, information must be presented in a way that is both engaging and easily understood. Employee trainings and presentations should be clear and specific and delivered with a friendly and professional tone. Gina Scarpa’s many years as a teacher and coach make her a perfect candidate for your next corporate narration project. She knows how to highlight important information and present major points with clarity and precision. Contact Gina today for your next project.

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