How Do I Hire A Professional Voice Actor For My Project?

There are a multitude of projects that would benefit greatly from hiring a professional voice actor. The possibilities are truly vast. From social media ads to corporate presentations, businesses, events, and service providers can increase their likelihood of success by including a professional voice actor on their team as needed. 

Professional voice actors add something truly unique in their ability to recognize target audiences and connect with potential customers and clients across various styles. But how does one go about hiring a professional voice talent to bring their projects to life? 

I’ve been in the broadcasting industry for decades, and have lent my voice to countless projects as well as worked in both voiceover casting and voiceover directing. Finding great talent doesn’t need to be daunting or confusing. Here are some helpful tips on how to hire a professional voice actor for your project. 

What types of projects utilize professional voiceover talent?

A professional voiceover talent can be used for all kinds of products and services. Let’s say you’re a restaurant owner. You might consider using a voiceover talent to create social media ads, radio and television commercials, and special events announcements. Big corporations can use professional voice actors to provide internal training and messaging, on-hold services for telephone and IVR projects, external advertising and messaging to the public, and so much more. 

In many cases, small businesses and large companies often consider just using an employee to record these types of projects, but in the broadcasting industry, experts agree that the effectiveness of your messaging and advertising will be significantly increased when working with a professional voiceover artist. These are trained actors who have a vast knowledge of various industries and demographics. They are generally equipped with broadcast-quality home studios and professional microphones and equipment to create highly effective, first-rate recordings. 

What steps should I take in order to cast my voiceover project?

1. Prepare your project specs (what type of project, voice, and usage)

It’s always important to create a detailed and specific description of what the project is and how it will be used as well as what kind of voice actor you are seeking. That way, potential candidates will know exactly what you are looking for, which will help them determine if they are the right fit. Some important points to cover will be the genre, the type of voice you’re looking for, and how you plan on using the voiceover – specifically, whether or not it will be used organically or in paid advertising. 

2. Define your budget

Whenever possible, outline the budget for each and every project. Doing a little research about the going rates is a great way to be respectful to voice actors and pay them fairly for their work. If you’re not sure about professional voiceover rates, consider checking out the GVAA Rate Guide, which is a wonderful resource for both actors and clients.

3. Decide if you want to hold an audition or cast directly

Basically, you’ve got options. If you hold an audition, you can either work with a casting director or list your project on an audition website. Voice actors can submit samples of their previous work and/or a custom audition from a script that you provide. You can also cast directly by connecting with agents, managers, and coaches who have rosters of professional talent. Typically, if you hold an open audition, you’ll receive many submissions to review, which gives you a lot of choices. By casting directly, you can narrow it down to one, two, or a handful or voices that you feel fit your project and narrow your focus when casting.

4. Review submissions and make a final casting decision

You’d be surprised at how much you can learn by listening to actor demos, samples, and custom auditions. When you hear that voice that encompasses everything your project needs, you’ll know! On the contrary, you can also easily identify sound quality issues or acting choices that don’t match what you’re looking for in just the first few seconds of listening. You can review as many submissions as you’d like or are able and then make your final decisions. This is also a great way to connect with voice actors for future projects. Perhaps you heard a great submission but you don’t think they’re quite right for your current project. You can bookmark them for another time. Believe me, they’ll be thrilled to hear from you!

What casting sites can I use to find voice actors?

My peers and I have made use of casting sites like Voices and Voice123 to name a few. Depending on your budget and the needs of your projects, you can seek voice talent in a number of locations. 

How do I find a voice actor directly online?

The best way to find a professional voiceover artist online is to search the type of voice and project you’re looking for. Some examples might be “female medical narration” or “male political voice” and visit the sites of those who come up in search results. Many professional voiceover artists have put a lot of time and effort into the websites and search engine optimization so that you, as a client, can more easily find them. Voice actors should have their demos and contact info easily on display so that you can listen and reach out directly if they’re a good fit.

What are some questions I should ask before hiring a voiceover artist?

It’s always great to ask some essential questions before hiring a voiceover artist. This will ensure that the working relationship will be compatible and effective. You may want to ask how fast a voice actor’s turnaround time is, in what formats they can deliver files, if they are willing to provide revisions, if they are able to match the style of previous projects, and what types of work they feel they are best suited for. Getting to know the way voiceover artists work can help you visualize what the collaboration will be like and can also foster sustainable professional relationships for successful future voiceover projects. 

Conclusion/Call to Action

Truly the best action is just to begin! Getting to know the voiceover community is easier than you may think. As a proud member of the professional voiceover industry, I am confident that you will find eager, creative, and well-rounded professionals who will enhance your recording messaging, advertising, and artistic projects. From startups to huge corporations, there are endless benefits to connecting with experienced professional voiceover artists. 

If you’d like to reach out to me directly about how we can work together on your next voiceover project, visit my Contact page or email me directly at And be sure to check out my studio, Positive Voices, where we offer voiceover casting, voiceover direction, writing and editing services, audio production, educational programs, and more. Best of luck with your creative endeavors! 

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