The Top Universities and Colleges for Studying Voiceover

By Gina Scarpa | November 30, 2022

Many aspiring voice actors have spent a great deal of time trying to determine if formal training is necessary to pursue a career in voice over. Although you don’t technically need to get a degree in voice acting (or in any of the performing arts for that matter), there are many benefits to enrolling in […]

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Setting Your Voiceover Goals

By Gina Scarpa | November 17, 2022

How do you set and achieve goals? Have you ever considered that the way in which you set your goals may have a very direct impact on the outcomes? When you ask yourself these questions, they can really apply to any goals, both personal and professional. In our case, we want to focus on the […]

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5 Things To Avoid Saying When Starting In Voiceover

By Gina Scarpa | October 25, 2022

When it comes to prospective coaching clients, at this point, I think I’ve heard it all. It sometimes seems to me that folks want to jump into voiceover without considering the time, investment, and dedication it takes to build a successful career. Rather than looking for the fastest way in or the quickest fix, consider […]

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Positive Voices Unveils New Voiceover Shop

By Gina Scarpa | October 19, 2022

Positive Voices Studio is pleased to announce its all-new Voiceover Shop through TeeSpring! Voiceover themed clothing, such as t-shirts and hoodies, are currently available in both youth and adult sizes. Purchasing merch for yourself or your favorite voiceover actor supports Positive Voices Studio and helps Owner and Creative Director Gina Scarpa continue to provide arts […]

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Getting Through A Voiceover Slump

By Gina Scarpa | September 1, 2022

It happens to all of us from time to time… the dreaded voiceover slump. Despite our best efforts to audition regularly and put our best reads forward, there will always be times when voice actors hit a wall. But what if there was a way to lessen the frequency and length of those slumps? While […]

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7 Ways To Find Voiceover Auditions and Opportunities

By Gina Scarpa | March 14, 2022

By the time you’re ready for voiceover auditions, it’s already assumed that you’ve completed some training or coaching, have a professional demo to showcase your abilities, and studio equipment that offers superior quality sound. But many voice actors may be unsure of the various ways you can find voiceover auditions. In order to truly be successful in the world of voiceover, it’s often advised that you find many different ways to receive your opportunities and never put all of your eggs in one basket. Read on for 7 ways that you can find voiceover auditions and opportunities.

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How To Become A Voice Actor In 2022

By Gina Scarpa | March 1, 2022

Since becoming a full-time voice actor, I am constantly approached by people from all walks of life who talk about how cool it seems to be in tv commercials, video games, and other fun and exciting projects. It’s something a lot of people think about but are often afraid to pursue or just aren’t sure where to start. Whether people have complimented their voice, they spent time working at their college radio station, or they’re just big fans of animation and gaming, voiceover is a dream career that many hope to achieve.

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