March 2022

7 Ways To Find Voiceover Auditions and Opportunities

By the time you’re ready for voiceover auditions, it’s already assumed that you’ve completed some training or coaching, have a professional demo to showcase your abilities, and studio equipment that offers superior quality sound. But many voice actors may be unsure of the various ways you can find voiceover auditions. In order to truly be successful in the world of voiceover, it’s often advised that you find many different ways to receive your opportunities and never put all of your eggs in one basket. Read on for 7 ways that you can find voiceover auditions and opportunities.

How To Become A Voice Actor In 2022

Since becoming a full-time voice actor, I am constantly approached by people from all walks of life who talk about how cool it seems to be in tv commercials, video games, and other fun and exciting projects. It’s something a lot of people think about but are often afraid to pursue or just aren’t sure where to start. Whether people have complimented their voice, they spent time working at their college radio station, or they’re just big fans of animation and gaming, voiceover is a dream career that many hope to achieve.

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